Hello, World!

And welcome to my first ever hand-coded space on the web.

For now I’m just sharing some things I worked on in the Intro to Coding for Designers course at Index, taught by Megumi Tanaka.

The discussions and topics in this course really got me thinking about the type of internet and technology I grew up with. One thing this brought out of deep memory is Kid Pix, the whimsical digital drawing software I used to play with on my dad’s desktop computer as a little kid in the early 2000s.

“But besides showing us a possible way out of a bind, the process of training one’s own attention has something else to recommend it. If it’s attention (deciding what to pay attention to) that makes our reality, regaining control of it can also mean the discovery of new worlds and new ways of moving through them... This process enriches not only our capacity to resist, but even more simply, our access to the one life we are given. It can open doors where we didn’t see any, creating landscapes in new dimensions that we can eventually inhabit with others. In so doing, we not only remake the world but are ourselves remade.” – Jenny Odell, How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy